June 20, 2012


We hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. Our summer project list seems to keep growing while the days left until the Fall semester are fewer and fewer.  It has been a sad month for the Multimedia Design unit, with the lose of our talented designer, Matt Wilson. But, we are happy for you Matt and wish you the best of luck in Phoenix. Your creativity and illustration skills will be hard to replace here at ISU.

We have had a lot of changes happening within our department and would like to welcome back Micheal Moore, as our new team leader and chief.

April 26, 2012

Congratulations Seniors!

Printing Janine's Head
Earth Day 2012 Design by Queenie Long
Janine & Scott's Gallery Space


April Showers Bring May Flowers...and lots of work!

April 2012 Calendar by Natalie Carroll
Greetings friends!

It's been a while since our last post which means that we have been extremely busy with the Spring happenings here at ISU. April has brought not only showers, but lots of conference posters and other creative projects as well.  

Our intern, Queenie Long had the opportunity to create this year's Earth Day design. Queenie will be graduating this semester with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design, congratulations Queenie! Some of her design work is featured in the BS/BFA show that is now open until May 4.

CIRT seniors, Janine Phelps and Scott Bailey just finished installing their BFA Show and will be graduating as well. We wish all of our seniors nothing but the best, congratulations and good luck!

February 06, 2012

Meet Mr. Rhino

What does every creative office need? If you said a nearly full size pink snakeskin rhinoceros, then you need to apply to work down here with us! Sarah found this project on a creative blog and we decided to take our own way with it. A rhino was decided upon, a template was created, and fun was had by all. Natalie and Kelsey were so excited that we may just have a full menagerie by the end of the semester!

I created the small-scale model so that I knew the template was going to work. It’s not very big, and now it graces my corner of the office.

I was so excited about working on this that no one thought to grab the camera while we were in the construction process! Here it is prior to hanging, about 85% completed.

And about 98% ready to go on the wall!

And mounted to the shield above what will one day be a fireplace because – well, because we can.

*No rhinoceroses were harmed in the making of this project

- Janine